The Ceannum´s collagen is absorved?

Ceannum has clinical studies to ensure its effectiveness on the skin.

Ceannum contains peptides optimized for rapid absorption, active distribution, accumulation and efficacy on the skin. It contains type I collagen biopeptides that are of low molecular weight (2 kda) and a composition in amino acids that are the most efficient for its purpose: act on the fibroblasts of the skin to nourish it from the inside.

Ceannum contains optimized collagen peptides for rapid absorption, distribution, accumulation and efficacy on the skin.


A portion of the peptides maintains its function since they are absorbed without metabolizing in the intestine


They reach and accumulate in the blood serum


They act specifically on the dermal tissue

What effects will I get with Ceannum?

On many occasions, putting more than one active ingredient together does not guarantee that their effects are added together, for this reason, we wanted to verify that the 3 main ingredients that Ceannum contains are effective on the skin by combining them in a single formula; keeping your results.

The anti-aging efficacy of Ceannum was analyzed on the reduction of wrinkles, firmness and elasticity of the skin after taking Ceannum, evaluating its effects after 10 and 20 days of treatment.


The results of Ceannum are magnificent in just 20 days:

After using Ceannum we see smoother skin, with better tone and with fewer wrinkles and imperfections.


Wrinkle reduction after 20 days of treatment

Average wrinkle value results. SEw parameter: the higher the SEw, the more wrinkles. Visioscan® VC98 USB equipment.


Increased skin firmness after 20 days

Average results of the firmness value. Parameter R0: the lower the value, the more firm. Cutometer® Dual MPA 580 device


Increase in skin elasticity after 20 days

Average results of the elasticity value. Parameter F0: the lower the value, the greater the elasticity. Custometer® Dual MPA 580 device

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